By Tracy Soper

Tracy & Tony Soper are active ARK members – Tracy not only attends Kuşadası Shelter every week as an ARK Volunteer, cleaning both cats’ and dogs’ living quarters, changing bedding, feeding the animals and generally making their lives more comfortable, she also works a shift in the Salt Box ARK Charity Shop. Tony swam for ARK in the very successful New Year’s Day Sponsored Swim.  This is their story of two lucky cats who share their lives:

This is ‘Hello Kitty’.  We found her downstairs, one of the twenty we are feeding.  She was weak and not getting to the food.  I caught her in the cat box by tempting her with sausage.  As that time I didn’t realise that she had a bad eye infection and she has sadly now lost the sight in this eye.  ARK paid for her sterilisation.  We kept her in, as she took a while to recover, but by then we were already in love with her.  She is still as light as a feather, despite eating everyone’s left overs, stealing from the kitchen and opening packs of biscuits every chance she gets.

This is Pamuk . . . again found downstairs.  She was in a bad way and her leg had to come off – ARK paid for her operation – but just look at her now!