By Brenda Cassidy

In the middle of October 2018 I was at Pandora Vets for one of my many visits on behalf of ARK. Over the previous month I had been watching the progress of a very small kitten in the incubator, who had had a back leg removed. It was nearing the time when he would be well enough to be discharged – I asked whether he had somewhere to go . . . the vets said, ”No.”

My heart went out to this little orphan, who had been through so much already. So, without consulting my husband, I impulsively said that I would take him once he was ready to leave. Everyone was delighted, so off home I returned to tell Brian that we would soon have a new house guest!
Two weeks later Twilight came home. For the first few days he hid from everyone, burying himself in any hole he could find . . . then, slowly, he started to show himself. He really liked a wicker basket given to me by Jane Moulding and spent his first few weeks in it. The door to the kitten room, my spare room, was open but he refused to wander out. I brought him down in the evening to join everyone but he was happiest in his basket . . . then slowly, slowly he started

exploring . . . and one evening, about three weeks later, he was on the stairs looking down on us. After another week he came right down, but any sudden movement sent him fleeing back upstairs.
Now, over three months on, there is no stopping him.

He is still a little wobbly, as it is a back leg that’s missing, but he lives life to the fullest. He has had all his vaccinations and is starting to wander outside. The future looks bright for this little one