by Lynn Poullai

George had stopped at the traffic lights on the top road just past King Pet Shop and noticed on the central reservation a tiny, dirty, scruffy, black and white kitten. Eye contact was made and the kitten ran across the road and disappeared under the car.  George got out of the car to check that the kitten wasn’t in any danger when he drove off, but he couldn’t see the kitty and so got back into the car and continued on his way to Koçtaş.

When he arrived at Koçtaş, George left the car and locked it, but when walking away he heard a meow.   He looked around him to see if there were any cats there abouts.  As there were none, George thought that maybe the little kitten had jumped into the car while he had stopped at the lights. There was no cat inside the car so he opened the car bonnet and looked inside and couldn’t see anything. He shut and locked the car again and when he walked away he he again heard a meow. He opened the bonnet again and still couldn’t see a cat.

He then looked under the engine from the bottom and, by the wheel arch next to the engine, was a small ledge on which the black and white kitten was sitting.

George was so shocked that he grabbed the kitten and climbed into the car with him.  He placed the kitten on the floor and decided to come straight home. Whilst driving home, the kitten climbed up George’s leg and sat on his lap!

We offered the kitten food and he ate like he had never before seen food. George took him to the cat toilet tray.. For the next week we had to take him daily to the vets as he was so small, smelly and had terrible diarrhea.

Our next dilemma was that we were returning to the UK for a holiday and needed foster care for him as he was only about 6 weeks old and we didn’t feel comfortable leaving him with our cat colony on our balcony, as he had been ill and so small.

We contacted ARK, and Brenda offered to foster him for 2 weeks while we were away, and also ARK paid for all his treatment at Pandora Vets. A big thank you to ARK.  And if we can help with short term fostering please ask. We named the kitten Kar, and he is settling into our cat colony nicely, and Tiny our disabled female cat is allowing him to suckle, so she has become his surrogate pussy mummy.