What a truly amazing and happy coincidence . . . I’ve just found out that 4 April, the red-letter day last year on which I finally collected ARK’s registration documents from Kuşadası Kaymakam, also happens to be World Street Animals Day!

This, www.worldstrayanimalsday.org states, is the day ‘to show compassion, care and take action to help the 600m street animals worldwide’.

We at ARK care for just a fraction of that 600m . . . but nevertheless in just a year, in our small way, our volunteers have already succeeded in making our mark on relieving the distress of Kuşadası Street Animals.

Dogs and cats should have a home. But stray dogs and stray cats don’t. They lead miserable lives on the streets, badly fed, suffering from diseases and extreme heat or cold. Often they’re being chased around by hostile and violent people.

ARK is a Registered Street Animal Charity, founded to help the vulnerable animals who have nobody to help them when injured or ill.

People from many different nationalities are involved in ARK: Turkish, English, Irish, Dutch, Polish, Finnish, American, Austrlian, South African, German, French, Belgian, Russian, Scottish & Welsh. We operate by raising money through donations from caring supporters to pay vets for treating and, when funds allow, neutering the vulnerables who have nobody to help them.

During the year our income of 129,454tl has enabled us to treat well over 1,000 animals who would otherwise have suffered in pain.

Our activities, organised to raise awareness and donations, have during the year included evening social events, coffee mornings, a New Year’s Day Swim, a Walk through the Countryside, a radio broadcast, Get-to-know-you Meetings, a First-Aid Course and several Table-top Sales held at Salt Box, where our volunteers manage a Recycling Charity Shop.

Volunteers also attend Kuşadası Shelter to try to relieve the suffering of the animals impounded, despite the heartbreaking conditions there.

We have never yet had to turn away an animal in need, but every month is a worry – will we have enough money to pay our vets bills?

Please consider whether you too can contribute to our mission – every lira helps!

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