Should you come across an abandoned kitten, the easiest and best solution is to find a milk mother, a cat which has recently given birth. This happened to me today – I received a plea for help from Noel, a Belgian tourist, in Kuşadası for only a few days. He’d come across a cardboard box by a bin, in which was a tiny, very vocal, abandoned kitten. What should he do?
I hurried to the scene – what a pitiful sight. The prospect of two hourly feeds throughout the night loomed ahead . . . and then I remembered having received a request for information a few hours earlier from a friend who had had a mother cat, Polly, deposit her clutch of new-borns on her doormat.
I rushed the abandoned kitten to that mother cat . . . and we watched with bated breath. Mummy cat sniffed the newbie, licked it and then I gently guided it to a nipple – the newbie latched on straight away and within a few minutes was sleeping, with a full tummy.  A very happy solution.

Then the following day, I received another plea for help – a mother cat had been killed two days previously in a road traffic accident . . . leaving 5 very hungry orphans . . . dare I try to introduce them to Polly?

I did exactly that and Mummy Polly accepted them all.  They are now being brought up in a cat house kindly donated by Zeynep Özden, a UK ARK supporter.  Thank you for supporting this family!!