This story started on 9 January 2019 – ARK member Monika had by chance come across a dog which had been abandoned, tied up outside a pet shop.  A very sad note had been left with the dog . . . Monika’s post:

9 January
This cuddly pup was left tied up by someone who has become too ill to look after her. She is very friendly and loving and would definitely not survive in an animal shelter or on the streets. We have a short term foster carer until Sunday and so we are desperately seeking someone permanent who can take her into their home or at least as a foster pup.”

Gunilla had arrived in Kuşadası from a remote Finnish island in November 2018 – she intended spending a few months here in her Ladies Beach apartment, to escape the harsh Finnish winter.  She arrived in time to meet us at our November 70s Party Evening, she joined ARK and became an active member, swimming with us on 1 January 2019 in our Sponsored New Year’s Day Swim.

On 11 January I wrote:
”This abandoned beauty has now joined Gunilla short term – but Gunilla returns to Finland in April so a forever home is urgently needed . . . Taç is gentle and loving . . . please consider whether there’s a place for her in your household . . . she’s fine with cats and other dogs . . . only asks for love.

Gunilla ”Yes she is very gentle and loving and she needs a loving forever home. Easy to go with outside doesn’t care about other dogs or cats. I love her already 💞”

On 31 January I wrote:
”What a wonderful journey Gunilla, Taç & I took this morning through the torrential rain. A trip to Nevzat Yıldızlı vet to start the pet passport process . . . Taç & Gunilla have fallen in love, so Taç will soon be travelling to her new forever home in Finland!! ❤”

On 18 March:
”Do you remember Taç, abandoned in early January by a loving owner who was unable to continue to care for her due to illness? Well, Taç was rescued by Monika and fostered temporarily by Gunilla. . . who fell in love with her.
This lucky dog has been renamed Tessi – and today she’s got the all clear to travel abroad on her pets passport.”

Gunilla made good preparations for transporting Tessi – she gently introduced her to her transportation cage, so Tessi became used to staying in it.

Nevertheless Gunilla was anxious before they started the long trip to Finland, which included a taxi ride to İzmir, a plane to Helsinki (Gunilla reported that Tessi cried when she left her in her cage, which had to be stowed in the hold of the plane), then a journey to the coast, followed by a four hour boat trip to her island.  But it was, of course, a well-worthwhile journey – raised in Scandinavia, Gunilla is unused to the heat of Turkish summers and Tessi had also become more lethargic as summer eventually arrived in Turkey and the temperature was rising.

And although we’ll all miss Gunilla and Tessi, we do all realise that no matter how welcoming and friendly Kuşadası is, there really is no place like home  . . .