Sweet Ena & Chantal

Ena was found by Gülten Karaomer two and a half years ago. She was in a horrible condition with wounds all over her skin. After a difficult period of treatment her skin got better but still wasn’t totally normal. Gülten looked for a permanent home for Ena a number of times but nobody wanted her . . . until she gave it another try with a post in ARK’s FaceBook group, where an Angel without wings, Chantal, took notice and decided that she wanted to meet Ena. When they met for the first time, Chantal was able to see the hidden treasure behind that troubled skin and decided to open her home and her heart to this lovely girl.

They had to wait about a week until suitable accommodation was prepared for the new member of the family. And finally Chantal took Ena to her new home.

It was a bitter sweet moment for Gülten. She was emotional saying goodbye to this huge baby, whom she had taken care of for over two years. At the same time she was happy for Ena, knowing that she had found the best home possible. Gülten also found peace in knowing that she could go and visit any time.

When Chantal sent us the first videos taken of Ena in her new home, we all had a huge smiles with some tears in our eyes. One more happy ending we were lucky to witness.

Thank you Gülten for taking Ena and never giving up on her for over two years. And thank you Chantal, for giving her the life she deserves.

May all paws find the families and happy homes they deserve . . .