Animal Rescue Kusadasi (ARK)

Kuşadası Hayvan Kurtarma Derneği

ARK needs a new Başkan

Salary:         Nil

Expenses:    Nil

Rewards:     Amazing

I started ARK in April 2018 with a few friends. It was very tough at the beginning – we had the inspiration and the vision, but we had to cope with baffling bureaucracy in a foreign language, complex rules and no money. ARK’s grown and changed beyond my wildest dreams.During the last month alone, 18 months since we were founded, we treated or neutered 111 homeless animals at a cost of 25,000tl.It’s much easier now – we have an excellent Board, which has taken most of my workload, and a great team of hard-working and enthusiastic volunteers.ARK is a very democratic organisation, volunteers are consulted all the time and decisions are made by a majority vote at our fortnightly board meetings.Each board member acts as lead in one or more of our activities in which he or she is supported by colleagues. The major areas are: events, general fundraising, charity shop, veterinary liaison, promotion, education, media, feeding, Kuşadası shelter, fostering, transport, translation, banking and book keeping.We are supported by professional advisors. Tamiko Canbaz of Öner Law Office and her colleagues advise us on legal matters. Sevtap Diniz of Diniz Müşavirlik keeps our accounts and record books, updates our government computer charity records, liaises with government officials and ensures that we comply with all rules and regulations. Corepany Web Design hosts our website and takes care of any technical problems.The Başkan chairs the board meetings, keeps the team together and sets the direction, supports colleagues and make take a lead role in one or more areas of activity.I feel that I have taken ARK as far as I can. It needs new ideas and energy. It is time for us to take a back seat. I am nearly 69, my husband 73; we have things we want to do and intend to be away for two or maybe three months next year. What we do not want to do is suddenly depart this life and have everything at ARK at a standstill for several weeks while replacements are found and formalities completed. I don’t intend to totally abandon ARK and will help in any way I am asked for as long as I am able, without interfering.The Başkan must be legally resident in Turkey but can be of any nationality. It is not necessary to be able to speak Turkish, though a few words would help, but basic English is essential.The essential qualifications are the ability to commit a few hours every week, to be a team player, not to be overwhelmed by difficulties and to have a passion for the welfare of street animals. If interested, please contact me – +905075638415.