In October ARK vets treated or neutered 126 street animals. Our members treated many more for minor ailments and injuries. The vets’ fees were nearly 23,500 tl and we spent 2,700 tl on food. Other expenses totalled 1,200 tl. Our income was 27,900 tl leaving us with a small surplus towards the hard winter months ahead. Our thanks go to our generous donors, our hardworking volunteers and to Beverley for transforming the shop.

We now need more active members and especially board members. In December we have our general meeting at which we are required by law to elect five main board members with five reserves and three auditors plus three reserves. Only the five main board members need to be active but we have to have the others to survive. So far few have come forward.
If we can’t get the 16 people we need, ARK will cease to exist; we will not be allowed to continue. Please don’t let this happen.

If you’d like to participate, please contact Ann.
If you’d like to help us to alleviate suffering and save lives and to ensure that we never have to turn away an animal in need we would welcome donations. help/donations