On 14 November 50 ARK supporters enjoyed a fantastic party, organised by Brenda & Jane, with a great atmosphere, delicious home cooked food and nostalgic songs from yesteryear. A convivial time was had by all – and this is what I said:

ARK supporters, welcome to our second party in the Kebap House – thank you Deren & Yusuf Demir for hosting this evening’s event, and thank you Brenda, Jane, Monika and Jaf for the delicious food we are all about to enjoy.
A year ago this month, I reported that we were building a good relationship with Kuşadası Shelter.  Our team of shelter volunteers, that has included Brenda & Jane, Nurdan & Alyson, Tracy & Trudy, Paula & Jan, Monika, Rana & Banu, has worked with consistent diligence throughout the year.  This determination, against all the odds, together with ARK’s sterling work raising money to treat Kuşadası street animals, has resulted in our being presented with this attractive plaque, inscribed:

ANIMAL RESCUE KUŞADASI – Kuşadası Evcil Hayvan Rehabilitasyon Merkezi ile sokak hayvanlarının kısırlaştirılması ve tedavilerinde sağladiğinız katkı için teşekkür ederiz.

Kusadası Animal Shelter thanks ARK for your contribution to the treatment and sterilization of street animals.

This was signed by our Başakan Ömer Günel and is, indeed, an acknowledgement, that ARK is definitely making an impact on the welfare of Kuşadası street animals. Only two animal charities received a plaque, ARK and Sunnydays, a German charity. 

I reported in November 2018 that during the previous month we had neutered 69 animals, treated a further 110, and our vets bills were around 12,000tl. 

One year later, vets’ neutering fees have risen dramatically – during October 2019 we neutered 71 animals, treated around a further 60 (which included life-threatening mouth infections, eye infections, broken limbs, hips and jaws) and our vets bills had doubled, to around 25,000tl.  But the good fight continues . . .

According to our tuzuk, our rules, ARK must hold general meetings once every three years.  However, since we were formed in April 2018, as is normal in young organisations, several committee members have fallen by the wayside.  We have therefore decided to take an opportunity to sweep with a fresh broom, and fill the resultant vacancies with people who really want to be part of ARK, who wish to contribute their enthusiasm, time and ideas in order for ARK to grow and become an even more effective champion of Kuşadası street animals.

If you have already completed a membership form and paid your 10tl fee, you will soon receive an invitation to come to, and vote at, our General Meeting at 10.30 on Tuesday, 10 December at the Ticaret Odası, the Chamber of Commerce, at the side of the SGK building opposite Carrefour. 

If you are not yet a member and would like to become one, to vote for or join our committee, there is still time.  I have membership forms here for you to complete this evening.

Our main funds are still raised by Salt Box charity recycling centre, ably managed now by Beverley and run by our team of ARK volunteers, who include Mary, Maggie, Annette, Tracy, Binnur, Jackie, Elke, Ann M, Kathy, Brenda and Monika.  Hakan is taking a week’s holiday from Monday, so his shop will be closed.  If you have any clothes or bric a brac you’d like to donate during this time, let me know and I’ll gladly come and collect it.

Should you wish to volunteer to work with us for a couple of hours a week in the shelter, hands-on with the street animals, fostering the animals short-term after illness or while awaiting adoption, in the shop or as a driver, do please let us know and we’ll be delighted to give you more information.

As I have said before and will now say again, ARK is nothing without our supporters, who donate the funds that empower us volunteers to go out there and assist Kuşadası injured, sick and vulnerable street animals.

Just today I’ve been asked to authorise treatment for two road traffic accident cats, a cat covered in sores and worms, which also has a bad mouth and eyes infection, five cats to be neutered and one dog, which will be covered by funds raised by Deniz during her ‘7km for 7 dogs’ sponsored swim.

What should I have said to those who anxiously phoned me, reporting the RTA cats?  Should I have said, ”No, sorry, ARK cannot help you” ?  Or perhaps, ”Sorry, I need more information and a quote for treatment from the vet.” 
But instead I said, ”Yes, go ahead.” 

ARK can only keep going, never refusing to treat an animal in distress, until our money runs out.

Thank you for coming this evening to support our cause – thank you for caring.
Food will be served at 8.00.  This will be followed by a quiz (presented by quizmistress Jane) and then our raffle with lovely prizes will swiftly follow.  Music will be played for you to dance to and enjoy until late – thank you to our music man, ARK member John Martin!