We expected January to be a difficult month and our expectations were fulfilled. We had a number of special situations for which we made specific appeals, to which our supporters responded magnificently, and our recycling centre had a record month thanks to our donors and Jean’s hard working team.

Our shelter volunteers worked hard in bitterly cold weather, with insufficient resources, to comfort the unfortunate creatures incarcerated there. They also made improvements to the shelter facilities, and bought and cooked extra nutritional food.

Thanks too to our dedicated foster carers and volunteer drivers, we’d really be stuck without you.

We would also like to say a special word of thanks to the team of volunteers from Apple in Kuşadası who work tirelessly to raise funds for us.

Some generous visitors to Ephesus took pity on the hundreds of cats who have difficulty finding enough to eat during the winter months and have sent donations, so that İbo can distribute food. They have asked if others could join them.

In January we treated 30 cats for general sicknesses, nine with teeth or gum problems, unusually only one with an eye infection, three with injuries of unknown origin and three involved in car accidents. Two dogs were treated for distemper, one for scabies, one for diabetes and a kidney problem and one had an operation on a leg. We neutered five female dogs, thanks to Deniz’s swim from Greece to Turkey. 50 female and 13 male cats were also neutered. In total 119 treatments

We spent nearly 24,500tl on vets’ fees and other expenses including specialist food for young, sick or injured animals in our care or at the shelter. We also paid 5,000tl in tax. Our expenditure exceeded our income by nearly 11,000!!!

We’re going to have to work even harder next month to ensure that ARK survives to continue our mission, which is to alleviate the suffering of Kuşadası street animals. Our January vets’ and other bills were over 29,000tl.

Thank you to all our supporters and volunteers for making all we’ve achieved possible.

If you too would like to help us to ensure that ARK continues to alleviate suffering and save lives please visit