February was a very mixed month for ARK – we experienced torrential rain, high winds and beautiful calm, sunny, warm days.  During the month we neutered 87 street cats and one dog, treated 33 sick or injured street cats and 16 dogs.  Our vets bills totalled 22,990tl (which has to be paid in March) and we spent 4,800tl on food – thanks to Jane, our Vets Co-ordinator, for collating these statistics.

Our total income for the month was 31,800tl, our expenditure was 34,000tl leaving a deficit for the month of 2,200tl and a deficit for the year to date of 13,000tl.  This deficit would have been much bigger had we not received a large donation from Benevity, thanks to the hard work of our Members employed by Apple.

Our volunteers, led by Brenda, have been helping at Kuşadası Shelter and, at a recent meeting with Sami Pat, the Head of the Shelter, we were told how much the work of our volunteers was valued and that it is hoped that even when the Shelter has sufficient paid staff, Brenda and her team will continue with their visits to give the animals treats and affection. 

We have had some downs, with the deaths of animals we have been treating, but also many ups.  Our supporters responded magnificently to our appeals and we have been able to pay for the building of an isolation cabin at Bird Island Farm, run by ARK Members Chantal and Monika, which will be used to contain animals with contagious diseases while they are being treated and for post-surgical recovery.

The major event of the month, which involved many volunteers and is on-going, was the move of a Mum and her eight Pups from a distemper-contaminated area on Long Beach to a safe haven near Kustur Beach.  Sadly one of the pups died the following day but the others seemed to be thriving until one of them became ill with parvo virus and was taken to Pandora Vets for treatment.  The remaining six soon became ill and were also taken to Pandora’s clinic.  Thanks to the excellent treatment they received, five survived and were returned to Kustur Beach where our volunteers continue to feed them every day.  The pups and their mother are all adorable creatures and we will be looking for new homes for them all in two weeks’ time.

The number of our business sponsors continues to grow and we now have four who not only support ARK financially but also offer discounts to our paid-up members.  We are hoping to increase the numbers further and also extend the scheme to our overseas supporters when they visit Kuşadası.  We will be making an announcement within the next few weeks.

On 28 February disaster struck.   Our Charity Recycling Centre, at the Salt Box Cafe, is a successor to the Charity Shop started by Chris & Veli of Gossips over 20 years ago and continued by Tuncay & Gail, when they bought the business and renamed it No 8, before selling it to Hakan as the Salt Box, where Hakan kindly invited us to continue raising funds for the neutering of street cats. 

Someone – we suspect it was a person who had been banned from both the cafe and ARK Recycling Centre and was later ejected from a table-top sale held at Salt Box, and who then threatened to cause trouble for the cafe –  made allegations to the tax authorities about the holding of table-top sales at Salt Box.  In July ARK’s affairs had been audited by both the tax authorities and the District Governor’s office and everything was found to be in perfect order.  However, Hakan was forced to close while the investigation was conducted and we have now been told that we need to obtain the appropriate licences before we can continue trading, and we may need to find new premises.   This is a devastating blow, as the Recycling Centre, under Jean’s leadership, has been raising over 1,000tl per week to help fund our work. 

ARK may be forced to reduce the scale of our operations as a result.  However, we are being advised by our accountant Sevtap Diniz and our legal advisor Tamiko, of Oner Law Office, and we will find a solution, although at the moment the Recycling Centre remains closed.

We thank you all for your on-going support.
If you, too, would like to assist ARK in our mission, to help vulnerable Kuşadası street animals, please click the link – every lira counts: https://animalrescuekusadasi.org/help/donations