Mom and Kitts - including two foster kitts

by Deniz Çağlar

It was the first night of total national lockdown two weeks ago (10 April). This Black Magic Woman (I later called her Gece, meaning night) followed my neighbor from some market. She had a huge belly and was literally crying for help. You could see it in her eyes, she was in panic. She was about to start her labour but couldn’t find a safe place.

After a short moment of hesitation, I couldn’t resist. I put all my animals in my apartment in the living room, closed all doors apart from that of the study room and invited her in. She immediately found for herself a covered corner. I prepared a basket, a litter, food and water, then closed the door.

In the morning I opened the door, she ran to me all skinny. I checked the basket and there there were 5 kittens! I had never seen a one-night-old kitten before then. It was magical.

Later that day we had a call from Kuşadası Shelter. So many kittens had been taken there without a mom and they urgently needed milk moms. I volunteered to try to take two.

Gece welcomed them like two of her own. For two weeks it has been like a little factory in my study room. They suckle milk constantly – well ok, they sleep too. But witnessing how fast they grow has been amazing. The little ones have already opened their eyes and started to move around a little too. The ones from the Shelter had had an eye infection.  Çağdaş vet treated them on behalf of ARK and now the eyes are just fine. One of the Shelter babies, a girl, started eating dry food and using the litter, so she is ready to go to her new family. I’m sure the rest will follow very quickly. So, spread the word, we are looking for homes for these babies.

I would like to thank our sponsors. With your support we were able to save these two kittens from the Shelter from dying without a mom and also rescued them from becoming blinded by an untreated infection in their eyes.

If you too would like to help us help the stray animals of Kusadasi, please consider donating to our charity. Thank you! 🐱🐾🐈