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Month: May 2020

ARK Events Forum

by Jean Belfield and Tony Blenkinsopp Exciting News!!!!! Animal Rescue Kusadasi is about to embark on a brand new venture and we would love you all to join us in our new FREE forum ARK EVENTS. You will find below your invitation and a link to come and join us. Here is a little taste of what you will…

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Kuşadası Belediye’s Video

This is Kuşadası Belediye’s video of ARK volunteers Mehmet Alp, Jane Moulding and Brenda Cassidy on one of their feeding tours. The Covid-19 Pandemic is hopefully now drawing to a close . . . our teams of 20 volunteers, all given special permission to go out on the streets of Kuşadası and the surrounding districts, despite the lock down…

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ARK in the Pandemic

Hungry pup

Even before Kuşadası Belediye’s appeal on 20 March for Kuşadası animal lovers to feed the street animals, which were in danger of starving because the Corona Pandemic had forced hotels, restaurants and cafes to close, ARK already had teams of volunteers out feeding street animals in and around Kuşadası, as well of course as funding the treatment of the…

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Feeding tour 18.05.2020

by Alan Kennedy Another month of lockdown has kept me and Ann confined to the house, leaving Brenda and Jane to do all the physical work, chasing around and the associated administration. In fact, they’re doing nearly all of the administration now except the accounts and the website. It hasn’t been easy for them with the vets not all…

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On the Mend

8 May 2020 As you can see, under the expert and loving care of Chantal and Monika, at their Bird Island Farm sanctuary, our Pedro continues to improve, day upon day. He is, indeed, a very lucky pup. 30 April 2020 Today Chantal wrote: Pedro is an absolute love bug. I hear his tail banging against the quarantine door…

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