On the Mend

8 May 2020

As you can see, under the expert and loving care of Chantal and Monika, at their Bird Island Farm sanctuary, our Pedro continues to improve, day upon day. He is, indeed, a very lucky pup.

30 April 2020

Today Chantal wrote: Pedro is an absolute love bug. I hear his tail banging against the quarantine door the moment I open my door 😍 he can hear my steps on the stones and he knows 07.30 is wake-up cuddles 🤣 he’s like a puppy in his older rough and used shell – completely in love!! Today is Pedro’s first day out of quarantine – see how much he enjoyed it!! He’s doing great – skin eyes and ears recovering slowly of course BUT his spirit … to see how fast they recover emotionally is just beyond 💞💞💞 reminds me of why we do what we do 🙌🏻

Pedros first time out of quarantine 😍😍😍😍🤣 he’s doing soooo much better and is a complete love bug 🌹 https:// thank you so much @animal_rescue_kusadasi for the ongoing support 🙌🏻🐾 if you too can help us take care of the needy and sick to make them better and find forever homes please consider a donation – ever little helps! ( www.birdislandfarm.org ) #adoptdontshop #rescuedogsofinstagram #pitbull #animalsanctuary #pitbulllove #pitsofinstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedog

Chantal Ozbas paylaştı: 30 Nisan 2020 Perşembe

Further to our ‘Appeal for Pedro’, launched on 10 April, you can see from the videos the miracle that has occurred within just 20 days, thanks to the efforts of Nurdan, Rana & Banu, the expert treatment prescribed by Ziya at Vet International, and the day-to-day on-going care provided by our ARK Angels Chantal & Monika at their sanctuary, Bird Island Farm. Pedro’s recovery will be a long journey, with Chantal & Monika walking alongside him every step of the way.

29 April 2020

10 April 2020

Yesterday, on their way to their shift in Kuşadasi shelter, ARK members Nurdan & Rana came across this sweet, broken soul, wandering the roadside alone, abandoned. Alongside other ailments, this pup, now named Pedro, has an unsightly skin condition which his owners were not prepared to treat.
After an overnight stay with TC Banu Engin, today Pedro was examined by Ziya of Vet International. Biochemistry lab tests revealed that he has severe erlichiosis, which has caused his infected eyes and cracked ears – this is treatable. This poor fellow also suffers from leishmaniasis which, although serious, in time can be controlled. 
We are looking at a project of over 6 months’ duration, which must include excellent quality food to support Ziya’s proposed treatment programme.
Without hesitation Chantal & Monika have agreed to care for Pedro at their sanctuary on Bird Island Farm, and ARK will pay for his treatment. 
We will post regular updates on Pedro’s progress.
Pedro’s regime of the best quality food and treatment will, of course, be very costly . . . but we anticipate that it will be money well-spent, through saving another sweet soul.
If you can contribute to ensuring that Pedro is given the very best chance of survival, please click the link and mark your donation “Pedro” – every penny will be highly welcomed – every lira counts: