Feeding tour 18.05.2020

by Alan Kennedy

Another month of lockdown has kept me and Ann confined to the house, leaving Brenda and Jane to do all the physical work, chasing around and the associated administration. In fact, they’re doing nearly all of the administration now except the accounts and the website. It hasn’t been easy for them with the vets not all being open at the same time, banking restrictions making the withdrawal of sufficient cash to pay the bills taking four or five days. ARK could not carry on without them – nor could we, as they’ve been doing our shopping.

Social distancing rules and restricted access times have made life more difficult for our shelter teams too. However, everyone has risen to the occasion and achieved amazing results.  Our vets, also, have had difficulties to overcome, their opening hours have been restricted, many of their customers are not allowed out and, for some of them, access has been made much more difficult by the introduction of a new one-way traffic system and changes to bus routes. Despite all of this, our vets treated 70 sick or injured animals in April, leaving us with a bill of just under 17,000 tl to pay this month.

Our hard-working feeding teams distributed 2.25 tonnes of food, costing 12,500tl bought by ARK, as well as another 150 kg provided by the Government. I don’t know how many hundreds of litres of water they’ve carried around with them in the unusually hot weather, but they’ve done well to improve life for the animals suddenly dependent on us. You can see here photos of today’s feeding tour . . .

Without the continued support and generosity of our donors, none of this would of course be possible – and there would be literally hundreds of starving animals in the streets, possibly killing each other through hunger and posing a threat to humans too.

Looking to the future, we don’t yet know how long we’ll need to maintain our feeding programme or when we’ll be able to start neutering or fundraising events again. Our events coordinator, Jean Belfield, and her team are on the starting blocks, waiting for the flag.

For the time being and the foreseeable future, we are entirely dependent on our donors. If you would like to join them, and enable our volunteers to continue to alleviate suffering and save lives please visit