Every day since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, when all hotels, cafes, restaurants and schools were closed, thereby depriving the street animals of their food source, ARK volunteers have been out on the streets and remote places ensuring that the animals have sufficient water and don’t starve. They received special permission to travel when the rest of Turkey was locked-down – and they will continue feeding animals in these locations until we are sure that they are receiving food from other sources.

As Alan & I are aged over 65, we have been forbidden from joining the feeding programme, but the rules have now been relaxed and we are allowed out between 10.00-20.00. Today we accompanied Jane & Brenda on their Kuştur/Adagöl/Adaland feeding/watering tour, to be shown the ropes so that we can now contribute.

Other ARK volunteers who also are part of the sustenance programme, with food purchased by our supporters’ donations, include Mandy, Paula & Jan, Trudy & Rob, Claire & İbo, Tamara, Jacquie & Yıldız, Mehmet & Özlem, Bora, Süleyman & Levent.

If you, too, would like to donate towards this vital expense, please click the link – every lira counts: https://animalrescuekusadasi.org/help/donations