by Brenda Cassidy

On 5 May Blaze and Crimson came into my life – a local Turkish lady left them on my door step and you can read the first chapter of their story on our Facebook page at this link

As they were very tiny and still on bottles. I wasn’t sure that they would even make it through that first night. To my surprise, they did!

The first few days were hard, with feeds being needed every two hours. But over the first week they went from strength to strength and started eating solids. Then one evening, after being out for a few hours, I returned to find little Blaze gravely ill again. I was worried for him and decided to try giving him a bottle feed again – within minutes he was sitting up playing with me. I think he must have been dehydrated. Crimson soon followed, but I knew that he too needed milk, and I continued offering bottles with their solid food for a number of weeks. Sometimes they drank, sometimes they didn’t. As they became stronger, I took some nice pictures and videos of them and posted them on Facebook. After seeing these, Tracy Suzanne contacted me, saying that she would love to take Blaze. I was reluctant to let him go alone but I know how hard it is to find homes for even one, so we agreed that once he was strong enough, if she still wanted him then she could have him.

Brenda Cassidy paylaştı: 26 Mayıs 2020 Salı

On Friday 3 July, the day came for me to say my goodbyes – I packed his feeding bowl and a few balls, put him in a cat box and brought him into town on the bus to meet Tracy. I knew that I was doing the right thing when Tracy arrived with a new bed and some toys for him under her arm. He will have a lovely life with her and Kevin. In the meantime Ann and Alan came forward to take Crimson – he will join their colony of cats. They will keep him in for a week or two but as he is about the same a size as two of the kittens they already have, they will go out into the world to explore together – unless of course someone else would like to adopt him . . .

As I am hoping to go on holiday shortly, all of this has fallen in to place just in time 🙂

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