by Alan Kennedy

June was a very mixed month with both ups and downs.  The biggest ‘up’ was the temperature – it was very, very hot, with the result that the street animals spent most of their time sheltering, didn’t use so much energy and consequently ate less.

Another welcomed ‘up’ was that a few restaurants re-opened so were able to give their surplus food to the animals and also a very small number of summer residents arrived. As a result, in June ARK had to buy and distribute only a little more than one tonne of food, at a cost of 6,500tl. Our feeding teams, however, had to spend just as much time out and about and they supplied even more water. Whenever our teams arrived at their designated feeding areas, occasionally there was some biscuit left from the previous day, but never any water . . .

A very welcomed ‘up’ was that we were able to neuter 28 cats and three dogs, while a welcomed, though inexplicable ‘down’ was that only another 12 dogs and 41 cats required veterinary care, with veterinary bills to be paid in June totalling just under 15,000tl.

Covid virus precautions remain in force and we have not yet been able to increase our activities at the shelter nor start our fundraising activities.

Usually this is our busiest time of year for raising funds as tourists and summer residents flock to town and we see a corresponding fall in online donations. Unfortunately, this year many people are holidaying at home, so we’ve seen the fall online but have not as yet had the benefit of tourists here to help us.

We are, and will be for the foreseeable future, totally dependent on the kindness of our online donors for our ability to continue our work.

If you would like to alleviate suffering and save lives among the homeless animals of Kuşadası please visit Thank you for caring 🙂