Here at ARK we are slowly adjusting to the New Normal – but nevertheless, post-lockdown, hotels and restaurants are slow to re-open, tourists are few, and our ARK volunteers are reluctant to leave the vulnerable street animals, that we have been feeding since March, with no daily supplies. Teams continue to visit Adagöl, Adaland, Kuştur, Ladies Beach and Long Beach on a daily basis, supplying food but also, even more importantly during these baking hot days, water.

We moved the Kuştur pups and their Mum Bella from Long Beach to Kuştur in January, as there had been disease at Long Beach and we feared for the family’s safety. Brenda and Jane organised a feeding rota and volunteers visited on a daily basis, monitoring the pups and taking them for veterinary care when needed. The pups caught distemper and two sadly died – but the rest of the litter have survived. Alan & I adopted Brown-nosed Barney on the first day of lockdown – our feeding day on the rota was Sundays and I had heard the previous evening that as we are both considered ‘elderly’, we would be confined to quarters for the foreseeable future. We therefore grasped the opportunity to bring little Barney home with us – and what a Godsend he proved to be – a reason to get up each morning and to exercise several times each day.

But his Mum Bella and siblings remained at Kuştur Beach and as traffic volume increased in June, we became worried that Bella’s habit of chasing cars would end in her early demise. We therefore decided to move the family back to Long Beach – and Alan & I are currently taking our turn on the rota to feed them there.

Volunteers in our feeding teams include Jane & Brenda, Mandy & Liz, Paula & Jan, Trudy & Rob, Ibo, Banu & Beyhan, Mehmet & Özlem, Nurdan & Rana, Levent & Bora.

If you would like to contribute to our mission, to help vulnerable Kuşadası street animals, please click the link – every lira counts: