This is the story of sweet little Daisy, a young dog discovered by chance, abandoned, all alone.  Had we not found her, she would surely have perished. 

When x-rayed it was discovered that she had several old injuries – two broken ribs, that had healed with time; in her tender body was embedded several shot gun pellets;  and she required surgery for what turned out to be a severe hernia – that our vet says is most likely the result of having been violently kicked. 

After a period of acclimatization, love and nourishment in a safe house, Daisy underwent surgery this week – the hernia was repaired – a very delicate operation – and she was neutered.  Daisy must now stay calm with restricted movement, if her wounds are to heal.  Should her wound break open, a second operation would be extremely difficult. 

Her current carer has made her a body wrap out of an old t-shirt, to prevent flies from getting into the wound and laying eggs.  Fingers and toes crossed for Daisy’s speedy recovery – and we are all praying for the offer of a safe haven for this sweet girl, far away from her abuser.  She has a gentle personality and is very loving, which is especially amazing considering all that she has been through – when she woke up after the operation, her little tail immediately started to wag . . .  💓 

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