September was a very sad and difficult month for us and the homeless animals of Kuşadası. Jan Van Dun, one of our founder members, was suddenly taken ill at home and Trudy took him and Paula to a clinic. He later suffered two heart attacks and died in an ambulance on the way to hospital in Aydın.

Jan worked tirelessly for the welfare of street cats and dogs, with Paula at his side; he helped in the shelter, was one of our feeding team, took sick animals to and from the vets and into his home while they recovered. He was a rock, always quick to volunteer, never too busy to help and always to be relied on in an emergency. We will miss him badly. Our hearts go out to Paula and their family.

Jan helped us to achieve everything we have in the last 30 months. Our latest, for September are 64 cats and five dogs treated by our vets, three dogs and nine cats neutered, at a total cost of 13,738 tl. Our feeding teams distributed 80 bags (1.2 tonnes) costing 8,382 tl. We thank all of our volunteers for their hard, and often emotionally draining, work, our small band of regular and first-time donors and our friends at Apple for their fundraising work. Without you all we would be nothing. Finally, we thank Rosemary Copsey for organising and participating in Rosie’s Run, the London Marathon in Kuşadası, raising funds for and awareness of the plight of our homeless animals. If you can please go to the finish at the Sherwood Restaurant on Ladies Beach at around 11:30 to 12:00 on Sunday 4 October, to cheer for her and her team. Get there a little earlier to give a special cheer for Klaus, who has flown here especially for the event, on his way to his finish on Long Beach.