What a day yesterday was for ARK volunteers Brenda & Jane! It started off normal enough – they collected several cats (including two from our Beyazgül colony) to take to Kuşadasi shelter to be neutered. They called on us at 0930 and set off with the car loaded.
Then at midday Chantal messaged that she had managed to catch Chickpea, the Kuşadasi street dog that Natalie had set her heart on adopting and bringing over to England.

The team sprang into action! Chantal’s Bird Island Farm animal sanctuary was full – but she could just about manage to squeeze Chickpea in for a day, to keep her safe.
Our hero Hakan was contacted at Hunters House in Ölu Deniz, Fethiye – he had urgent business throughout the day, preparing canine friends for their journey to the UK – but he would set out just as soon as that was done – which, because of delays, ended up at 21.30!
Hakan then dropped a bombshell – as he was journeying up to Kuşadasi to collect Chickpea, he wanted to pick up sweet Bella/Chaos’s two pups, Bertie & Betty, as well 💜 He was hopeful of finding loving forever homes for them in the UK.
So Jane & Brenda set off immediately for Long Beach, hoping & praying that they would find the energetic 10 months old siblings, who often spent their days running in the surf and playing around with their friends, both canine & human 🙏🙏🙏

But find them they did and although the pups were rather reluctant to get into Jane’s little green car, she managed to drive them & Brenda back to TC Banu Engin ‘s house, where they were given safe sanctuary until Hakan’s arrival.
Hakan drove through the night along roads empty of traffic but, he reported, patrolled by packs of street dogs, arriving at Banu’s, where Jane & Brenda were waiting to give the pups a loving send off, in the early hours of the morning.
Hakan collected Bertie & Betty, ensured that they were comfortable, and headed up into the hills to Bird Island Farm.
Then with all three pups safely in his van, he headed back to Hunter’s House, where the siblings were reunited with their Mum and they will spend the next 4 months in safe, loving, comfortable surroundings, along with Chickpea and around 60 other fortunates, awaiting transportation to a life far beyond their wildest dreams.
To donate to our cause, to help vulnerable Kuşadasi street animals, please click the link – if you would like your donation to go specifically to helping to get these dogs to the UK, then mark it “Bertie&Betty” and we will ensure that it’s added to the relocation fund: https://animalrescuekusadasi.org/help/donations