by Mandy Jones

I first met Nisan at Kuşadası shelter in early January, on one of my weekly cleaning, feeding & comforting visit. She was in a cat cage in the cat house. It was very small for her as she was a big pup – she had a bandage on her leg, so we presumed she had had an operation,

Nisan was very timid to start with – we opened the door to clean her cage and she just lay on the floor of the cage, not moving. When we left I went home and told Serkan about her as we were thinking about getting a dog, so the following week when we were at the shelter I got her out and took her for a walk around outside. Liz and Vinny were also with me, so we played with her for a while before putting her back in the cage. This went on for a few week and then Serkan and I decided that we would take her after I returned from the UK in February.

However, at a shelter meeting the week before I was flying home I mentioned this and I think it was Ibo who said that she was being moved down to the bottom enclosures at the shelter within the next few days. I knew that Nisan wouldn’t survive if she were moved, so I asked him to ask Sami if she could stay in her cage for another 10 days . . . but the answer that came back was. ”No” – she could only stay for a few days. Liz very kindly offered to take her from the shelter and care for her during the week I was away.

I collected Nisan from Liz the day after I returned from holiday and we took her to the vets to be checked and to have her injections. There we discovered that Nisan had not had an operation – her leg was broken but had just been bandaged. Nisan had just been kept in a confined space, her only exercise was once a week when I let her out to play. Consequently the leg hadn’t set properly so she had a limp. The vet we went to said that he couldn’t do anything with the leg, so we went to another three vets, two of whom said the same. One did agree to operate, but the x-rays were not good – he advised that an operation would be very painful and could make her leg worse, as the muscle had shrunk. He left the decision to us . . . but when we asked him what he would do, he advised to leave it.

Nisan is now about 11 months old. Her leg doesn’t give her any problems and she is able to run up and down the stairs and around the garden chasing our cat – but she has always been frightened of all dogs. We put this down to the fact that she lived with cats for the first part of her life, so was used to them.

Nisan recently went to stay with Claire & Ibo at Lilly’s Place for a few days while we were away. They have 6 dogs, so when we arrived she cowered and kept close to us, not wanting to mix. I wasn’t sure whether or not to leave her, but we did. I couldn’t believe it that evening when Claire sent me pictures of her running around the garden with the other dogs – I was was so happy! Nisan wasn’t bothered with us when we collected her – she said ‘hello’ then disappeared, off playing!

She has such a great character and is so full of life. She carries her one leg sometimes but we have been told, and you can see, she is not in any pain. She is just a great dog.

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