On 17 October Levent and I by chance spotted a very frightened, wild and scruffy little kitten with a badly injured tail, living rough behind Kuşadası otogar.  We failed to catch her – she was obviously suffering great pain and dodged under the bushes, scuttling away from us as fast as she was able. 

The following day Jane, Brenda, Alan & I returned to the otogar and this time Jane’s well-practised cat-catching technique didn’t let us down.   Her tummy filled with an irresistably tasty sausage, Tilly was taken immediately to Vet International for treatment. 

The kitten was assessed and Ziya Vet decided that unfortunately her tail was too badly injured to be saved.  Tilly was very frail, so before she could undergo an operation she received nutritious food and rest; a few days later, when sufficiently strong, her tail was amputated. 

This nervous little scrap then needed a few weeks of loving tender care, to allow her wound to heal and her body to recuperate and become strong enough to face the outside world.

Yesterday I heard that Tilly was ready for discharge and so I went to Vet International ready to collect her – but I was greeted by the wonderful news that a sweet child Simirna, the daughter of Merve Vet, had fallen in love with little Tilly and wanted to adopt her!  Tilly will now have a wonderful life full of love and the best care possible.

A happy ending indeed, to the Tale of a Kitten with no Tail . . .