Alan Kennedy

Many people who contact ARK to ask for help seem to think that we are a big organisation with unlimited resources. While our dedication and enthusiasm are boundless, our physical resources are few. In any random week we may have up to 12 volunteers devoting anything from a couple of hours to nearly all their waking time to helping the homeless cats and dogs.

These few people, in an average month, provide veterinary care for 80-plus sick or injured animals, have 40 or more neutered, give comfort to 100s in the municipal shelter and distribute more than 2 tonnes of food to hundreds more. Some of the cost is met from the volunteers’ own pockets but ARK spends between 30,000tl-40,000tl every month on animal welfare.

We used to have our charity shop and social events to help finance all of this, but since since Covid restrictions were introduced in March last year we have been entirely dependent on donations.

Almost half of our income comes from the efforts of four local employees of a large multi-national corporation, who do unpaid voluntary work (coincidentally, helping street animals). For every hour they work their employer donates a fixed sum of money, upto an annual limit per employee, to a charity of their choice, fortunately for us, ARK. The remainder of our funds are donated by a small band of loyal supporters, of whom 20 try to make a contribution most months.

YES! ARK’s work is financed by the kindness of just 24 people. Some months the donations are more than we spend, other months much less; we’re living on a knife edge, a very precarious existence, very vulnerable to rapidly increasing prices or the loss of a donor.

We need to increase our sources of income which, in reality, at the moment means that we need to attract more donors. However, times are hard; not many of even the kindest hearts can afford to commit to giving five, ten, 20 pounds or even more every month. What about €1, one Euro, 90p? What can you get for a Euro? A coffee? A sandwich? A postage stamp? No – a small water and a banana if you’re lucky . . . or you could save an animal’s life by becoming a micro-donor.

Gill, our newest volunteer, recently introduced me to an organisation which links kind-hearted people to organisations in need. Their idea is to recruit a lot of micro-donors to give just one Euro every month to one or more charities and combine this to one large donation with no administrative load on the recipient.

Just imagine the difference it would make to ARK if everyone who ever clicked on ’’like’’ on one of our Facebook posts joined the scheme. It would relieve the pressure and give us some stability.

Please visit this site, scroll down and select “More Teaming Groups” and use the search box to find “Animal Rescue Kusadasi”: Thank you for caring.