by Banu Engin

This fairy tale began on 22 November – we received a plea for help from Alena:

”We called a veterinary ambulance for these dogs. This is not an emergency for this service. The state service accepts the call but does not come & does not help & does not pick up these dogs. I don’t know where I can call so someone can help these dogs . PLEASE HELP THEM!”

After Alena drew our attention to the dogs at the building site on the road to Engelliler Köyü, ARK Committee Member Chantal tried to catch them, but unfortunately without success. The mother had a huge wound around her neck and her puppy was very thin. Alena and her daughter were doing their best to feed this family, when they walked their own two rescue dogs daily. Both dogs were very shy and the mother was large. ARK contacted Sami Pat at Kuşadasi animal shelter, as they have a catching team with anesthetic darting. We tried several times to catch them and eventually we succeeded – the mother was stunned, after the night watchman from the nearby construction site lured her to the equipment shed at night, and locked her in there. We named her Alev (Flame).

Alev was taken to Pan Dora, where her wound was cleaned and treated by veterinarians Özden and Deniz. They suggest that her wound appeared to be an allergic reaction – Alev had scratched the area and the wound became bigger. It could have been anything – maybe she had been lying on a poisonous plant or she had come in contact with carelessly disposed of chemicals.
Soon afterwards her puppy Ateş (Fire), about 4 months old, very thin with hardly any appetite, was also caught and assessed. They were reunited and both kennelled for the next five weeks at Chantal’s sanctuary #Birdislandfarm, where Alev’s wound was cleaned and she received medication twice daily. Both dogs were also sterilised to ensure that they produced no more unwanted offspring.

When the the time came to release the now fit dogs, Abdullah built a big house for them, large enough for mother & daughter to fit in perfectly. Pallets were donated by Boğalı Demirci, Haşmet bey and Selma Hanım of Kuşadası Belediye provided plans.

Alena messaged me recently – Alev & Ateş’s house is near where she lives. She said, ”I saw them. We give them food from time to time. They play with our dogs. But mother dog is more careful. She doesn’t wander far.”

At the end of December ARK supporter Karen Froggatt announced that instead of receiving presents this year, she would prefer family & friends to donate to her favourite charity – ARK. So, Karen’s generosity and vision has paid for both the treatment and the kennelling of Alev & Ateş – she has saved the lives of these two very Lucky Pups!!

If you, too, would like to make a difference by reducing suffering or saving a life, please consider being as selfless as Karen – please click the link to donate to ARK’s mission: