by Brenda Cassidy

Do you remember Eclipse, one of my special hand-reared kittens? She has really been through the wars – her story is here She has been doing great – with the help of special food and vet care, she was putting on weight Then on 10 January I noticed that she was starting to lose hair again around the area of her wound. I rang Ziya and he gave me the name of a cream to use, but this week, as the wound was getting bigger, Jane and I took her to Ziya’s clinic. Eclipse was kept in for an operation to clean the wound and to try to find out why it was happening again. She was x-rayed and something was seen under the skin near the area. So yesterday afternoon Ziya carried out an exploratory operation and removed, as you will see in the pictures, some soft tissue/foreign object.

We have agreed that this needs to be analysed. Eclipse is very strong but needs your prayers and healing vibes as she has been through so much – she will be on very expensive food when she comes home, so I am asking you, our supporters, to think about donating just a little to help with her recovery Please click the link and mark your donations “Eclipse” so that they can go towards her treatment and care. Https://