Alena contacted me today – she and her daughter regularly feed street dogs near their apartment when they are out walking their own two rescued pups. One of the dogs they feed, although previously healthy, now seemed to have an eye problem. Today they had succeeded in catching the pup – we’ve named him Prens – and I gave Alena authority to take him to ARK vet Pandora for diagnosis and treatment.

Alena reported back this evening – the news was not good. Prens had been tested and found to be infected by ticks (Turkish kene).

Alena said. ”Yes, they said the tick was infected (there are 2 types of ticks – infected and non-infected). Also he was a small puppy probably at that time and when the tick bit him the infection stayed inside and now probably has exploded, that is why he started to feel very bad soo fast.”

Alena and her daughter, Maryia, have kindly offered to care for Prens in their home for a week or so, hoping that he recovers. ARK will support them with food.

Thank you Alena & Maryia for caring – and thank you ARK supporters for donating funds for Prens’s treatment. This was an especially shocking case for me because when we first rescued Brown-nosed Barney, 9 months ago, I found hiding in his facial hair 6 fat ticks – I dread to think what might have happened had I not discovered them!

ARK can only continue our mission, to help Kuşadası street animals who have nobody else who cares, if we receive support from our followers. Please click the link to donate, to ensure that we never have to turn away vulnerable animals such as Prens – every lira counts: https://animalrescuekusadasi/help/donations