by Brenda Cassidy

This is an update on Little Cloud – you can click this link to read the first part of his story:

We thought at first that Cloud would lose both eyes, but we were delighted when we managed to save the sight in one of them. Yesterday, however, I felt that it was time to have his bad eye looked at again – so off we went to Pandora – thank you Jane.

It was decided that his eye needed to be removed – and thank God we did. The operation was successful, but the area behind the eye was found to be full of infection. I had arranged a lift with Liz Byrne, one of our drivers, to collect Cloud at 4.00 pm (thank you Liz) but at 3.30 pm I had a message from Özden at Pandora Vets to say that he would not be coming home, that the infection was too much, they would keep him overnight and to collect him the following day.

Cloud is now home with me and doing OK. Without your help. both your donations and ARK’s hands-on volunteers, who willingly drive to the vets and elsewhere, this little one might not have been here today.

Please continue your support by either volunteering, even just one or two hours a week, or with donations, though this link – every little helps: