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Sweet Daisy

This is the story of sweet little Daisy, a young dog discovered by chance, abandoned, all alone.  Had we not found her, she would surely have perished.  When x-rayed it was discovered that she had several old injuries – two broken ribs, that had healed with time; in her tender body was embedded several shot gun pellets;  and she required surgery…

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Our Feeding Teams Continue . . .

Here at ARK we are slowly adjusting to the New Normal – but nevertheless, post-lockdown, hotels and restaurants are slow to re-open, tourists are few, and our ARK volunteers are reluctant to leave the vulnerable street animals, that we have been feeding since March, with no daily supplies. Teams continue to visit Adagöl, Adaland, Kuştur, Ladies Beach and Long…

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Here are three more Darlings in need of TLC . . .

I received a call from ARK member Giselle this morning – she’d been out & about and had found two dogs, one with a broken leg and the other with an infected wound – could ARK help . . . ? Giselle confirmed that she would look after the pups during treatment, so I gave her the go ahead…

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by Alan Kennedy June was a very mixed month with both ups and downs.  The biggest ‘up’ was the temperature – it was very, very hot, with the result that the street animals spent most of their time sheltering, didn’t use so much energy and consequently ate less. Another welcomed ‘up’ was that a few restaurants re-opened so were…

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A Happy Kitten Story

by Brenda Cassidy On 5 May Blaze and Crimson came into my life – a local Turkish lady left them on my door step and you can read the first chapter of their story on our Facebook page at this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/1629996890447508/permalink/2908888039225047/ As they were very tiny and still on bottles. I wasn’t sure that they would even make…

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Yesterday we visited ARK Volunteers Claire & her husband Ibo at their animal sanctuary and kennels, that they are currently hard at work developing just outside of Yeniköy near Kuşadası. The couple have still quite a lot of work to complete before the project is finalised and up and running, but they are full of enthusiasm, ideas and plans…

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Bird Island Farm


We at ARK have always welcomed and been keen to work with other local street animal rescue organisations, because working in cooperation divides the work load and can only benefit the vulnerables we all strive to help. One recent organisation is Bird Island Farm, located in the hills overlooking Kuşadası and run by ARK Committee Members Chantal & Monika….

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ARK’s Covid-19 Feeding Programme

Every day since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, when all hotels, cafes, restaurants and schools were closed, thereby depriving the street animals of their food source, ARK volunteers have been out on the streets and remote places ensuring that the animals have sufficient water and don’t starve. They received special permission to travel when the rest of Turkey…

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7 Km for 7 Dogs

by Deniz Çağlar A year ago today, I swam the longest race of my life, 7 kilometers, from Meis to Kas, for almost 3 hours. But at the time I applied to enter the race, I never imagined how it would turn out to be one of the best journeys of my life. Although I really wanted to swim…

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Little Thumper/Kleiner Klopfer/Küçük Klopfer

by Mia Seda (aged 11) We had a mummy cat with two kittens in our site. Unfortunately, one kitten died last year and his brother “Klopfer/Thumper” was always looking for contact with the other cats. He was very scared and always tried to get close with his little paw. Therefore we called him “Thumper”, like the rabbit in ‘Bambi’….

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