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ARK in the Pandemic

Hungry pup

Even before Kuşadası Belediye’s appeal on 20 March for Kuşadası animal lovers to feed the street animals, which were in danger of starving because the Corona Pandemic had forced hotels, restaurants and cafes to close, ARK already had teams of volunteers out feeding street animals in and around Kuşadası, as well of course as funding the treatment of the…

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Feeding tour 18.05.2020

by Alan Kennedy Another month of lockdown has kept me and Ann confined to the house, leaving Brenda and Jane to do all the physical work, chasing around and the associated administration. In fact, they’re doing nearly all of the administration now except the accounts and the website. It hasn’t been easy for them with the vets not all…

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On the Mend

8 May 2020 As you can see, under the expert and loving care of Chantal and Monika, at their Bird Island Farm sanctuary, our Pedro continues to improve, day upon day. He is, indeed, a very lucky pup. 30 April 2020 Today Chantal wrote: Pedro is an absolute love bug. I hear his tail banging against the quarantine door…

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Mom and Kitts - including two foster kitts

by Deniz Çağlar It was the first night of total national lockdown two weeks ago (10 April). This Black Magic Woman (I later called her Gece, meaning night) followed my neighbor from some market. She had a huge belly and was literally crying for help. You could see it in her eyes, she was in panic. She was about…

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February 2020

February was a very mixed month for ARK – we experienced torrential rain, high winds and beautiful calm, sunny, warm days.  During the month we neutered 87 street cats and one dog, treated 33 sick or injured street cats and 16 dogs.  Our vets bills totalled 22,990tl (which has to be paid in March) and we spent 4,800tl on…

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Gemma’s Story, by Sol Sol

Dear Members of ARK! Six months ago I fell in love with a dog who was living near my hotel. She was so kind and humble . . . but most of all a great mommy! I fed her and her pups during my holiday . . . I already knew it was going to be a problem to…

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We expected January to be a difficult month and our expectations were fulfilled. We had a number of special situations for which we made specific appeals, to which our supporters responded magnificently, and our recycling centre had a record month thanks to our donors and Jean’s hard working team. Our shelter volunteers worked hard in bitterly cold weather, with…

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A Day in the Life of a Shelter Volunteer

ARK Volunteers have been welcomed at Kuşadası Shelter for over 18 months, to clean the cages, rooms and environment and to ensure that the animals living there are fed and comfortable. It has been a roller coaster experience – at first ARK often seemed to be taking two steps forwards and three back. Financial constraints, communication problems, apparently weak…

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Come & Support our Swimmers!!

Come to Palm Beach Restaurant, Ladies Beach, Kuşadası at 12 noon on New Year’s Day, to watch our doughty ARK volunteers brave the waves for the sake of Kuşadası Street Animals. All will be welcomed, swimmers & supporters!! If you would like to sponsor our swimmers, please click the link and mark your donation ‘New Year Swim’: https://animalrescuekusadasi/help/donations Share…

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