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CARAMEL – by Brenda Cassidy

ARK supporters will be aware that over the last few months a number of volunteers have been working in Kuşadası animal shelter. Jane

Caramel with her sibling Toffee

and I started going when ARK was first founded, back in May 2018.  In those early months I took a number of very young kittens who had no mums, to try to pull them through. Many did well during the first 4 or 5 weeks but, just as I thought they had survived the hardest days, one after the other they all went to Rainbow Bridge.  It broke my heart, and because of this I decided to take no more kittens from the shelter . . .  but when I arrived one very hot Friday morning at the beginning of July there was a family of babies and I decided to try one last time.

I took two babies who looked about two weeks old and Jane & I took them straight to

Getting stronger . . .

Pandora Veteriner – both had very high temperatures and we started them on antibiotics and other medications.  To be quite honest, I didn’t hold much hope for them . . . I named them Toffee and Caramel and as at the time I had no other kittens at home, they had the small box room

Feeling poorly – touch & go . . .

to themselves.

So for a number of weeks I once again got into the routine of bottle feeding and teaching them to poop etc.   They both seemed to do very well and I got them to the stage of being ready for their vaccinations.

Shortly after their two injections, I noticed that Toffee wasn’t eating and his stomach was very big, so off we went to the vet –  the girls did everything possible. but the diagnosis was that little Toffee had Feline Infectious Peritonitis

(FIP) and she went to Rainbow Bridge just two days later.  This gave me huge concern for Caramel – I took her to be checked over and at this stage there was no sign of any problems – however a number of weeks later, she too became ill.   She had a high temperature and

Caramel today . . .

was not eating much. Pandora put her on a drip and another course of antibiotics, and again we went back and forth to the vet for four days.

Thankfully she pulled through and she became a very special kitten to me – but I knew that the day would come when I would have to let

her go, as the road I live on is very busy with traffic. The day when she left I was very sad but knew she would be OK, as she was going to join Ann and Alan’s colony.  There she did very well until November, when Ann let me know that she was again at Pandora’s for a two-night visit as she was vomiting – but thank God she survived and she is now living a happy life with all the other cats on their site.