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Screwy – A Very Difficult Decision

2018 has certainly been a memorable year for ARK for many reasons. As the year-end approaches, I’m thinking back over the 8 months since ARK was founded – the frustrations, the struggles, the sadnesses and, thankfully, the successes.
A major success that rises above the others is the case of a severely injured road traffic accident puppy who was brought to ARK’s attention by Cihan Şengün Vet on 16 October, just 10 weeks ago. I wrote:
”Received a call at 21.00 this evening from Cihan vet – a pup had been hit by a car – 2 broken legs. What should he do?

”Saving this pup will cost nearly half of our average monthly expenditure on veterinary treatment, in other words the same as treating 25 run of the mill injuries and illnesses.

”The big issue however was not the cost but what to do with the pup afterwards. All of our active members already have their homes and hearts full to capacity with sick or recovering cats and dogs. Who can help this one? We all feel under so much pressure. We even actively considered euthanasia as there seemed to be no alternative.

”After many phone calls and much heart searching I gave the go ahead for surgery to save her. Cihan will keep the pup in his clinic for several weeks post operative care. Who will look after her then?
Did we make the right decision? What would you have done?

”This is a special appeal for help. Can you give her a home or contribute to the cost of her treatment? We desperately need more active helpers.

On 17 October:
”No one has offered to help this severely injured pup (four breaks in her front legs), except Carole in UK, who has sent a very generous donation towards the operation.”

And then, as a result of my appeal, we were overwhelmed by well-wishers and donations began to trickle in . . .

I wrote: ”These are x-rays of the broken front legs of our road traffic casualty pup of last evening, before and after.
”Many thanks to Cihan Şengün and everybody who is donating to save the life of this sweet puppy.”
Because of the repairs to her legs, mending the broken bones, the pup was given the nickname ”Screwy” – and her healing process continued . . .

On 20 October:
”Amazing news. Cihan Şengün Vetmarin has sent me this video of our puppy with the two broken legs – already she’s able to stand – and wag her tail!!”

But although healing quickly, thanks to Cihan Vet’s expertise, we still had the problem of what to do with her when she could be released. And then our prayers were answered. On 5 November Screwy was given the all clear and ARK supporter Chantal stepped in to offer her a home. The following day Chantal wrote:

”She’s settling in well and I think she’s happy happy to be out lying in the sun.”
Screwy was renamed Zuma by Chantal’s son. On 28 November she wrote:

”Hello all – just a little update on Zuma, the pup – doing fantastic, 5min exercise in sand mostly and 55min rest – that’s her day for now.”

And then the icing on the ARK success cake was on 18 December, when Chantal made a generous donation to ARK that more than covered the cost of Zuma’s operation and ensured that ARK starts 2019 on a positive financial footing.
Chantal has now taken Zuma to Cihan vet for a final check-up – and Cihan was justifiably proud of the progress made by his patient.
A big thank you to all of you ARK supporters who have contributed to saving the life of this beautiful, healthy dog – and ensured the continuing success of ARK in its mission to alleviate the suffering of the street animals of Kuşadası.
Should you wish to assist ARK in helping Kuşadası street animals in 2019, then please click the link to donate to our mission. No amount is too small – every kuruş counts: http://animalrescuekusadasi.org/help/donations/